‘Super Seducer’ and feminism

I love when the technology meets Pickup. After the Infinity AR glasses and games such as Seduce Me: The Otome [1], it is time for a Pickup instructor to try his luck (and teach us a few tricks we may don’t know about). But, like every similar effort, feminists want this game to stop. Continue reading “‘Super Seducer’ and feminism”


Daygame(.com) and The Mystery Method

Tom Torero (you may know him from Daygame.com, as he used to work for them, or from his fake in-field videos), in his latest podcast admits that the London Day Game model (LDG), which was formerly known as “The Day Game Blueprint” from DayGame.com, was a direct modification of the Mystery method. Continue reading “Daygame(.com) and The Mystery Method”