Are RSD instructors using models in their videos (?)

I like RSD. And the reason I like them is that although they sell nothing (OK, sorry, my fault, they teaching “Natural-Direct with a little puff of Brutal and sprinkled with plenty awesomeness” GAME), they have managed to reach the levels of fanboyism from companies like Apple and Sony. But as it seems, they are using models in their videos. Continue reading “Are RSD instructors using models in their videos (?)”

Pranker ‘Sam Pepper’ says his videos are fake

Many people in the pickup community believe everything they see. And if you tell them for example that no one can kiss a girl within a few minutes they met her, they will show to you videos from prankers, where they kiss the girls immediately, as a proof that something like this can happen. It’s funny to watch those videos, but most of them are fake. Continue reading “Pranker ‘Sam Pepper’ says his videos are fake”