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This blog is a personal, non-commercial endeavor on my part i.e. you will not find any adverts, paid product placements or endorsements on this blog. Any thoughts, opinions, intentions, plans or strategies conveyed here are my own.

Note, posts are chronological; as a result of personal self-improvement efforts, my knowledge, thoughts and opinions change. Views expressed within out-of-date posts may not be the same, nor even similar, to those I may hold today.


You may recognize typos or errors in my articles. English is not my native language. These articles are translated with some help of Google’s translation, not by some company or a commercialized publication. I want these to be direct, honest, and “raw” and mainly I write here to improve my English. So, please don’t whine about any typos you might see. If you found some articles difficult to understand, you can help by pointing out any grammatical errors.


I have no special talent. I am only passionately curious ~ Albert Einstein

“The Player’s Inn” is a blog that explores the psychology and relationships of men and women. A blog that is exactly the opposite from the most books or other PU products “out there”. It’s a map that can help you to don’t get lost by the so many useless “theories” the guys who want some quick and easily money are spread.

Back in 2007 when I first joined this community, there was not the participation that exists today and I needed something to communicate with the people who were in the same sport. I liked the idea to write about my results and what I saw infield trying out various techniques, so here we are.

I want to congratulate you for visiting this blog and I would suggest you to continue read it, because I can imagine that you want the best of your life. This means you want to take your life in your hands and that shows you have courage.

But let’s look at what’s going on.

The best -perhaps- feeling is when you are comfortable with women and of course when a woman is in love with you. You feel that you are alive, you feel perfect. It also gives you the confidence to do what you want, to be comfortable with anything.

While this feeling is perfect, not having it is bad. A feeling I have felt for many years. I grew up as a kid unable to flirt comfortably with a woman if I did not know her well, but the time I knew her, she had already saw me as her friend. Probably blaming my school which was only for men and of course the limited experience, my encounters with women were exclusively from my social circle.

My problem was not that I lacked the courage. I remember at a party or while I was on vacations, I had no problem going to a woman and getting to know her. I could also attract a woman easily, my problem was that I could not attract the woman I liked the most.

Back in the day, I was not interested in becoming a “player”, but the opposite, I wanted to find a girl and have a relationship with her. Of course I couldn’t have success on that.

So I decided to change my self at some point, leaving nothing to chance, nor wait for a miracle to happen. I also began to read some “specialists'” tips from various magazines, sites and books. However, after several years of pain, with no results, I finally realized the following, what I have read, what they’ve told me, they were just false tips, those people was just for the money.

After I realized it, I decided to change my whole style, from my thoughts/ideas/opinions, to my appearance and the way I dress. So I found, after enough research, the Seduction community and believe me, I tried so hard any advice and any technique out there. Every idea, every strategy, every routine I was reading, I was going out (alone at first, then with some people related to the game) and I was trying everything.

I never reject an idea if I don’t try it a few times. When I started, I liked psychology, I wrote about it, and of course I was very curious, but I did not know how much material was “out there” for me to explore.

Although I have to admit that there are some truths “out there”, but are lost from the so many techniques these so-called “Pickup Artists” (PUA) who have NOT tried what they teach have created. Remember, dear reader, that everyone can teach what he reads, but that does not mean that he has practiced the subject he teaches. The ‘PUA’ thing has begun to increase in recent years, and the joke of the case is that anyone who reads some books calls himself a “PUA”, without really knowing of course the woman’s mind. Call it male selfishness, call it revenge for the so many years women did not want him, the point is that if you follow any advice you read, then you may have problems.

Also, the approach of the guys who teaching the game is a formula of destroying any successful long-term relationship and I learned this in a bad way and of course many times.

So I came to the conclusion

Nobody has the real answer for the main question, ‘what women want’. NONE. The best thing you can do is to stop asking every “guru” for his opinion and get out to the field and try on your own. Only then you will understand what works and of course what works for you, because anyone is different.

And here we are.

Sometimes alone, sometimes with some friends, I continue to look for and discover new, interesting and deeper things, many of which nobody has analyzed or told me about.

However, it is not just the material that makes this blog ideal for those who are looking for help but the fact that before I write something, I personally test my theories in the so-called “field”, out and in a real world, with real meetings with women. The “game” is therefore fun and, of course, educational.

What you will understand is that you do not know what you do not know about women’s psychology. Here is a place of psychology knowledge that, in the course of time, adds something new, which shows you that you really have very little idea why you behave as you behave when you are between people or in front of a very beautiful woman.

I did not start this blog in order to become a teacher and I do not even ask you to see me like that. I’m neither a Pickup Artist nor a Master in Flirting, however I can have most woman I like. This is not something easy to do and anyone who tells you the opposite, is lying to you. However, I can attract and seduce women and some of them, they didn’t like me at the beginning.

The difference is how I see myself now and how I feel, as well as how I approach any situation. The truth is that I have been more successful with women since I discovered my new self, my authentic and confident self, and so things started to change for the better.

I am not the only one who writes self improvement opinions, not the first to deal with relationships, sex and women, and I don’t say that I’m smarter than anyone else. What I want to tell you however, is that my articles are tested and not just copied from another source.

I want my articles to be easy to understand, to be entertaining and not boring with endless theories, but to be informative and even to help those who know nothing of psychology. I usually add and a few links, for more researching from yourself. What you will NOT find in this blog is false tips of the style “5 ways to get her in bed” and other such fake, false articles and ideas.

What I was interested in was the discovering of myself, finding my limits and bypass them. I started by reading several books from authors I chose, those I recognized from their writings and I considered them as legit. So their experience in co-operation with mine, on what works and what not, as well as my own research for human psychology, usually by observing people in different situations to understand human behavior, taught me a lot.

I’m not your teacher, but -I can be- your guide. It is up to you to make the change you want in your life, something that no one else can do but you.

At this point, I would like to thank life that gave me an unfair with difficulties “road”. I had to “fight” and free myself up from a huge “ego,” a stubborn way of thinking and arrogance, pushing me to improve myself for the best.

Do not be afraid if you fail to do something, or if you notice that you are “returning” to your old ideas/habits. Change is a process that takes time to “integrate” into you.

Sometimes people don’t want to hear the truth because they don’t want their illusions destroyed ~ Friedrich Nietzsche

I am neither a psychologist nor a master in the relationships. I am a guy who at some point of his life decided to leave the “geeky” life and to improve himself. On the way, I was looking more for psychology, improving my sexuality, and dealing with those issues, rather than just searching “how to talk with women” topic that most people sell.

Once I’ve managed to improve myself and overcome any fears, old ideas and habits, I think you can help yourself too.

However, I am not a omniscient and, of course, always correct. I also make mistakes, which everyone can tell me in the comments in a calm way, before starting the “ha, I’m smarter than you comment type of style. If a topic does not match you, do not stop here. Do your own research and find your own answer to the topic that interests you.

Remember that writing here is the result of endless hours of reading and approaches/tests on random women in the field, either in clubs/bars or anywhere else.

The composition of the articles is my own interpretation of the events I have so far encountered. I try not to type “how to understand her in 5 simple steps” or “what to say to win her“, and when it comes to some research, I’m posting researches and always I add the link for further research on your own.

If you think something is missing or something has not been covered on my part, contact me. The blog will change form or composition, depending on how I believe it’s better.

Also remember this, as it refers to this blog, are purely my own opinions, thoughts and experiences. At no point I can guarantee that everything will “work” for you too, if you do not work for yourself.

This blog started as a personal blog about seduction and pickup related stuff, based on my own experiences. But I decided to add more stuff interested to men, while continue keeping the main idea about seduction, relationships and pickup.

A human being should be able to change a diaper, plan an invasion, butcher a hog, conn a ship, design a building, write a sonnet, balance accounts, build a wall, set a bone, comfort the dying, take orders, give orders, cooperate, act alone, solve equations, analyze a new problem, pitch manure, program a computer, cook a tasty meal, fight efficiently, die gallantly. Specialization is for insects. ~ Robert A. Heinlein