Justin Wayne uses models in his video

Meanwhile in the seduction community…

Justin Wayne is one of the well-known PU instructors, who has thousands of “followers” and millions of views. The fact that Justin Wayne is using models in his video is not something strange, as he was previously “caught” looking for models online.

According to this article [1], Wayne was working with others and lying to women that they were casting and were looking for models.

Wayne, according to the poster, has always tried to seduce her, and when he couldn’t, he continued by saying that she had a nice ass. These “top” instructors have a “thing” about it…

From the first time I learned about Justin Wayne (several years ago), I did not like his style and I did not believe him. Besides, is there any PU instructor that has ever said the truth or he has not used models in his video?

Yesterday, Vice uploaded a video about Justin Wayne. In fact, as they say in the video, he invited them to see the process, so he can convince everyone who doesn’t believe him. However, they had put a microphone on Wayne, which Wayne might have forgotten about, and we clearly hear him telling his chick that she will not be paid if she does not cooperate while she says she’s only there for the money.

Along the way, we hear him begging her to cooperate so he does not get embarrassed on TV, while she says he has already threatened her enough. But then in front of the camera, it’s an “lovely” couple.

Interestingly, this is not the end. After that, the reporter ask him some questions, and you can hear how Wayne answers, as when she asks him why the women in his videos are foreign (because they are cheaper, one would answer).

It has become such a routine now. I believe that none of the supposed PU instructors who upload infield videos have a real video, with a small exception. The “big” names are all fake. Besides, the same thing do the prankers, don’t they? Fairy tale sells well and attracts views and fame.

In earlier articles, I was saying that women do not like to cold approach them, unless they want you to approach them in first place, while they pay particular attention to appearance, no matter what the other people are telling about. Your goal should be to become a real man so women want you to talk to them.

And if it was true what Wayne or any other instructors were selling, that the can play the game so well as they say they do and even they can teach you (with the equivalent amount, listen to the video how much Wayne asks for teaching you the game) then they would not have the need of any model.

Wayne uploaded a new video, where he explains what really happened in the ‘money’ scene. He also says that she’s her girlfriend and he shows some scenes where he picked her up in the street. And what if the girl took money for the infield video too? We never know…

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